May 19, 2022

Signs of the Times – St. Francis Retreat

Over the weekend, Rita OFS and I (Paula OFS) attended a retreat at the Catholic Conference Center in Hickory NC.  Fr. Peter Tremblay, a Franciscan Priest lectured about “Reading the Signs of the Times through the eyes of St. Francis”.  Fr. Tremblay,  a philosopher, theologian, and priest is also the Campus Catholic Minister and  Chaplin at Elon University.  His Franciscan insight into the world in which we currently live and the world in which St. Francis lived was truly insightful and thought provoking.  Fr. Tremblay is a powerful presenter and passionate about his topics.  He is not afraid to take on provocative discourse allowing all in attendance to review their stances on thoughts on everything from heaven and life eternal – to – popular culture and politics.   Rita and I had a terrific time and enjoyed the presence of a Franciscan in our Diocese.  Seems to be a rarity in this day and age.  We were refreshed and invigorated with our Franciscan charisms as we moved on back into our daily secular Franciscan lives.  Thank you Fr. Peter for a wonderful weekend!  And thanks to Deacon Scott Gilfillan and his team at the Catholic Conference Center for being such a gracious hosts.  


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