September 27, 2022

2022 Franciscan ARG- Brother Jacoba’s Cookie Recipe

Thank you for visiting our website! Pax et Bonum…. Brother Jacoba Almond Cookie RecipeOven 350Bake 10 min. then 3-4minlngredients:1,% cup all purpose flourl cup almond flourL cup sugar2 eggs1 tsp baking sodaL tsp pure almond extractL stick butter (softened)Sliced almondsDirections:Mix all ingredient except almond stices.Drop by spoonful on cookie sheetBake for L0 minRemove.Arrange almond slices in top of cookie in shape of TAUPlace cookie sheet back in ovenBake for another 3-4 minRemove. Cool on rack, parchment or wax paper(yield depends on size of spoonfuls. I use a plastic measuring tablespoon)

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Signs of the Times – St. Francis Retreat

Over the weekend, Rita OFS and I (Paula OFS) attended a retreat at the Catholic Conference Center in Hickory NC.  Fr. Peter Tremblay, a Franciscan Priest lectured about “Reading the Signs of the Times through the eyes of St. Francis”.  Fr. Tremblay,  a philosopher, theologian, and priest is also the Campus Catholic Minister and  Chaplin at Elon University.  His Franciscan insight into the world in which we currently live and the world in which St. Francis lived was truly insightful and thought provoking.  Fr. Tremblay is a powerful presenter and passionate about his topics.  He is not afraid …

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Who are the Secular Franciscans? They are a community of Catholic men and women I the world who seek to pattern their lives after Christ in the spirit of St. Francis. We follow St. Francis’ example of perfect joy:  the knowledge that with Jesus as our center we have true peace and all good. We foster community spirit through monthly fraternity meetings and other gatherings as well as through apostolic outreach, the community, and the wider world. In fraternity we help one another on our Secular Franciscan journey.  We begin with a period of initial formation under the …